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Security Specialist in TV Film Music Industry

Crew Protection was founded in 1993 based on the need of the television, commercial, film, and music industries. Crew Protection consistently provides a high caliber team of armed and unarmed security officers.

Not only do we offer protection to crew vehicles and multi-million dollar crew equipment, but most importantly, we offer personnel protection for the crew themselves and the talent involved. Over the years, our services have grown to include executive protection, and our clients base includes numerous celebrities.

Our first project ever was “Sprite” commercial. Since then, we have secured thousands of photo shoots, commercials, and music videos.

Sully Crew


Sully Crew was born in London, England where he was in the Queens army for 2 years. He excels at all sports he plays, including track and field, boxing, Karate, Judo and Kung Fu. He has won several competitions throughout the years. Sully Crew began working the LA areas nightclubs and went on to Madonna and numerous celebrities, eventually specializing in the film industry and executive security. Currently he lives with his wife and children in the Santa Clarita Valley presiding over his growing company of highly trained security officers.

We are licensed by the State of California through the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. All of our officers have had criminal background checks through the same organization and pass random drug tests. We are proud to have many military veterans on our team and retired law enforcement. They also do regular training that includes the CA required annual 8hrs of continuing education. They have all received the CA mandated sexual harassment training as well. We are licenses, bonded and insured.

Getting Security from Crew Protection is Swift

Our professional security personnel are trained and licensed in various discipline to meet or exceed the clients’ job requirements. We offer a high standard security service with competitive rates. Read what our clients say about us.




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    30 Years of Experience in Hollywood Production Security & Executive Protection Services